Louis Partridge: From London Lad to Rising Star

Louis Partridge, a name quickly gaining traction in the world of entertainment, is a young British actor carving his path to stardom. From his early roles to his recent breakout performances, Partridge’s journey showcases his talent, dedication, and undeniable charm.

Early Beginnings in London

Born in Wandsworth, London, in 2003, Louis Partridge’s acting career began at a young age. Details about his early life are private, but it’s clear his passion for performing blossomed early on.

Stepping onto the Screen

Partridge’s first credited role came in 2014 with a short film titled “Second Skin.” This was followed by appearances in other shorts and a BBC sitcom called “Boomers.”

A Breakout Role Alongside Millie Bobby Brown

Louis Partridge’s career took a significant leap forward in 2020 when he landed the role of Lord Tewkesbury in the Netflix film “Enola Holmes.” Starring alongside Millie Bobby Brown and Henry Cavill, the film garnered international attention and critical acclaim.

From Victorian England to Punk Rock London

Partridge’s versatility was on display when he took on the role of Sid Vicious, the infamous bassist of the Sex Pistols, in the FX miniseries “Pistol” (2022). This portrayal showcased his ability to inhabit characters from vastly different eras and social circles.

A Fashionably Conscious Star

Beyond acting, Louis Partridge has emerged as a fashion icon. He has been an ambassador for Prada, showcasing his interest in style and his growing influence in the fashion world.

What’s Next for Louis Partridge?

With several upcoming projects on the horizon, including the fantasy romance film “Ferryman” and the Apple TV+ thriller “Disclaimer,” Louis Partridge’s career trajectory continues to climb. His talent, dedication, and charisma position him for continued success in the entertainment industry.


Louis Partridge is a young actor with a bright future. His impressive range, captivating screen presence, and growing popularity make him a name to watch. As he takes on new and exciting roles, Louis Partridge is sure to captivate audiences worldwide.


Q: How old is Louis Partridge?

A: Louis Partridge was born in 2003, making him 20 years old as of March 2024.

Q: What is Louis Partridge best known for?

A: Louis Partridge is best known for his roles as Lord Tewkesbury in “Enola Holmes” and Sid Vicious in “Pistol.”

Q: What upcoming projects does Louis Partridge have?

A: Louis Partridge has roles in the upcoming films “Ferryman” and the Apple TV+ series “Disclaimer.”

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