The Little Mermaid 2023 Flounder Gets a Fin-tastic Update the New Look

Fans’ conversations have been triggered by Disney’s live-action retelling of the cherished classic, The Little Mermaid. Ariel’s devoted best buddy Flounder has a new design, which is one of the most hotly contested modifications. This blog post examines how the revamped Flounder fits into the 2023 adaptation and delves into his redesign.

From Cartoon to CGI: A Novel Approach to a Well-Known Companion

The brilliant yellow and blue flatfish with a persistently troubled expression, Flounder, was first presented to us in the 1989 animated version of The Little Mermaid. Flounder has a fin-tastic makeover for the 2023 live-action version, which makes use of CGI animation to give the character a more realistic image.

A Step Toward Realism: A More Accurate Representation

With its more sophisticated form, the new Flounder showcases the complex textures and patterns of an actual flatfish. Additionally, his motions are more natural and flowing, reflecting how a fish would actually swim through the undersea environment.

A Wave of Disagreement: The Reactions of the Fans to the Update

Fans weren’t entirely in favor of Flounder being portrayed realistically. Some thought the old cartoon version’s charm and sweetness were missing from the new look. There were worries that the more lifelike appearance may deviate too far from the main character.

Speaking Up, Jacob Tremblay Defends the Fin

The youthful actor who plays Flounder in the 2023 movie, Jacob Tremblay, supported the revised role. He says that the new appearance “works out perfectly” for the movie and blends very well with the overall live-action approach.

Preserving the Essence: Flounder’s Character Comes Through

The essential characteristics of Flounder’s persona are unaltered by the visual adjustments. He remains Ariel’s devoted confidant, sharing his concerns about her human ambitions but never failing to encourage her on her excursions.

A Contemporary View: Sink or Swim for a New Generation

The updated Flounder offers a more accurate portrayal of the underwater environment by utilizing the latest developments in computer-generated imagery. A new generation of viewers used to visually spectacular live-action adaptations may find this method appealing.

In conclusion

The Little Mermaid (2023) has a new Flounder that is a major departure from the beloved animated film. Although some fans prefer the old design, the realistic portrayal gives the realistic portrayal gives the character¬† new depth. In the end, Flounder’s essential character and unshakable devotion to Ariel are retained, guaranteeing that he will always be a cherished friend in this updated tale.


  • How will the tale change with the new Flounder design?

It is anticipated that the essential elements of Flounder’s character and his bond with Ariel will stay true to the original narrative.

  • Is this new Flounder created by a computer?

Yes, computer-generated imagery is used to bring the new Flounder to life.

  • Are more characters going to get redesigns along these lines?

Other characters in the live-action remake have probably also undergone redesigns, in keeping with the trend toward a more realistic look.

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