A Splashing Success: Diving Deep into the Cast of The Little Mermaid 2023

Disney’s live-action remake of the beloved classic, “The Little Mermaid,” made a big splash in theaters in 2023. The film brought the timeless story to life with a talented cast, breathing new energy into these iconic characters. Let’s dive deep and meet the actors who brought Ariel, Ursula, King Triton, and the rest of the underwater crew to life!

Ariel: A Dream Realized with Halle Bailey

The role of the adventurous mermaid, Ariel, fell to the talented singer and actress Halle Bailey. Bailey’s captivating performance and powerful vocals perfectly captured Ariel’s spirit, yearning for adventure beyond the sea.

Javier Bardem Takes the Helm as King Triton

The powerful and protective King Triton was brought to life by the award-winning actor Javier Bardem. Bardem’s portrayal showcased Triton’s love for his daughters while highlighting the complexities of his role as ruler of Atlantica.

Melissa McCarthy’s Wickedly Delightful Ursula

The cunning sea witch, Ursula, was masterfully played by the comedic genius Melissa McCarthy. McCarthy’s performance offered a fresh take on the iconic villain, balancing humor with Ursula’s manipulative nature.

Supporting Cast: Bringing the Underwater World to Life

The supporting cast played a vital role in creating the vibrant world of Atlantica. Here are some of the noteworthy actors:

  • Jonah Hauer-King: Prince Eric, the charming human prince who captures Ariel’s heart.
  • Daveed Diggs: Sebastian, the uptight crab and loyal advisor to King Triton.
  • Noma Dumezweni: Queen Selina, Triton’s wise and supportive wife (a new character introduced in the remake).
  • Art Malik: Grimsby, Prince Eric’s loyal advisor.
  • Jacob Tremblay: Flounder, Ariel’s adorable and loyal fish friend.

A Chorus of Voices: The Importance of Ariel’s Sisters

Ariel’s six sisters play a significant role in the story. The actors who voiced these characters include Lorena Andrea, Simone Ashley, Karolina Conchet, Sienna King, Kajsa Mohammar, and Nathalie Sorrell.

A Special Cameo: A Touch of Nostalgia

A delightful surprise for fans of the original animation was a cameo by Jodi Benson, the original voice of Ariel. She portrays a friendly market vendor who interacts with Ariel during her visit to the human world.

The Magic of Voice Acting: Bringing Scuttle and Flotsam & Jetsam to Life

The animated characters of Scuttle the seagull and Ursula’s eel henchmen, Flotsam and Jetsam, were brought to life through the talents of voice actors. While the specific actors were not credited on screen, their performances added depth and humor to the film.

A Diverse and Talented Cast: Reflecting the Beauty of the Undersea World

The casting of “The Little Mermaid” (2023) was praised for its diversity, reflecting a wider range of ethnicities and backgrounds. This inclusivity adds to the richness of the film’s storytelling.

Conclusion: A Cast Fit for a Fairytale

The cast of The Little Mermaid 2023 played a pivotal role in the film’s success. Their dedication and talent brought these beloved characters to life in a fresh and engaging way. Whether you’re a longtime fan of the original or a newcomer to the story, the cast’s performances are sure to leave a lasting impression.


  • Who played Prince Eric in the 2023 live-action remake? Jonah Hauer-King portrayed the charming Prince Eric.
  • Was there a new character introduced in the remake? Yes, Queen Selina, King Triton’s wife, is a new character voiced by Noma Dumezweni.
  • Who voiced Scuttle in the live-action remake? The live-action remake featured a CGI-animated Scuttle, and the voice actor wasn’t credited on screen.

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